What the sea means to me

An art data installation was created to provide an interactive experience for visiting members of the public at the “Wheeling2Help” event on September 25th 2016, at the Technopolis Art Centre, in Athens.

The project was based around a concept of information visualisation in a form of a complex data map, generated by visitors themselves. Our aim was to engage the public and to motivate them to think about how various words – all related to the sea- made them feel by asking them these three simple questions:

What makes you Happy?
What makes you Worry?
What makes you feel a sense of responsibility?

By interpreting the data we learned that what makes the participants happy is the dolphin, summer and holidays!  Illegal construction, litter and plastic bags makes them worry and biodiversity loss, pristine beaches and climate change makes them feel a sense of responsibility.

The art data installation is part of our “Clean Seas: Swear to Care” campaign.

  • Country Greece
  • Approach Awareness
  • Theme Marine Litter & Pollution

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