Eco-Management, Restoration and Targeted Information/Awareness Raising Activities for the Coastal and Marine Ecosystems of the National Parks of Parnitha, Schinias and the Saronic Gulf Protected Areas of the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (N.E.C.C.A.)

The project “Eco-Management, Restoration and Targeted Information/ Awareness Raising Activities for the Coastal and Marine Ecosystems of the Schinias – Marathon, Hymmetus and Southeastern Attica National Park Management Body has an 18 month duration (May 2021 – November 2022), it is implemented by Management Agency and the contractor MEDASSET. The program is funded by the Attica Regional Development Plan 2014-2020 of the EU.

The objectives and the desired results of the program are:

  • The effective protection and management of the coastal and marine protected areas  of the National Parks of Parnitha, Schinias and the Saronic Gulf Protected Areas of the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (N.E.C.C.A.), through the development of scientific tools, the collection and analysis of data and proposals for management measures.
  • The information and awareness of the general public which use the protected areas and its participation in actions for the protection and restoration of ecosystems.
  • The information and training of targeted population groups on issues of protection and management of ecosystems and marine fauna and their participation in actions for the restoration and management of species and ecosystems.
  • The rehabilitation and improvement of coastal and marine areas.

To achieve the above objectives, 8 targeted activities were developed:

Activity 1

Sea temperature monitoring using water temperature loggers. Ten temperature loggers will be positioned in the Special Conservation Zones of “Schinia – Marathon National Park” and “Vravrona – Coastal Marine Zone.

Activity 2

Construction and installation of two special signs for the monitoring of changes / erosion of the coasts and the coastal concentrations of the underwater plant Posidonia oceanica (the so-called algae), through photos that will be taken by the citizens / users of the coast. The two special signs will be placed in the coastal section of Schinias- Marathon National Park.

Activity 3

Development of methodology for the assessment of changes/erosion of shores and changes of posidonia concentration and at least four seasonal visits to the areas where the signs will be placed for collection of field data and photographic material. The specific data that will be collected in the framework of Action 1 and the photos will be used in combination with the photos of the public and the available data to be provided by N.E.C.C.A, in order to assess the changes on the shores. The Action aims to develop an appropriate methodology, to draw conclusions, to record proposals for continuous systematic monitoring of climate change and to formulate proposals for management measures.

Activity 4

Development of a mobile phone application for all areas of responsibility of the Management Agency. The app will give emphasis on marine and coastal ecosystems and the ability to send photos by local users of the area as part of the previous action as well as providing a garbage registration form both by N.E.C.C.A as well as from other bodies and individuals.

Activity 5

Development of protection and management measures for the marine fauna with the participation, activation and training of targeted groups. Design and implementation of a daily training workshop that will be addressed to competent public authorities (port authorities, municipal police, etc.) and fisheries cooperatives/fishermen on safe releasing techniques of marine species from fishing gear and dealing with stranding incidents.

Activity 6

Data collection and analysis of carcasses and injuries (strandings) of individuals of at least one species of marine fauna that spreads within the protected areas of responsibility of N.E.C.C.A. Determining the causes of injuries/deaths, the areas with more frequent stranding incidents as well as establishing proposals for management measures to prevent losses after stranding events.

Activity 7

Sea bed cleanings and installation of a marine litter collection station.

Activity 8

Awareness Raising on the aforementioned activities through a photo exhibition, lasting at least two weeks, with the exhibit of the photographic material collected from the public, after a relevant invitation.

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  • Country Greece
  • Approach AwarenessResearch
  • Theme Ecosystem Management

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