Who we are!

With roots that go back to 1983, MEDASSET (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles) is an international environmental NGO working to protect sea turtles in their natural habitats throughout the Mediterranean Sea. MEDASSET was founded in 1988 in England and in 1993 in Greece.

MEDASSET is registered as a not-for profit organisation in Greece. The organisation has been a partner to the United Nations Environment Programme Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) and a Permanent Observer-Member to the Bern Convention, Council of Europe, since 1988.

Our mission!

To win a place for sea turtles in the hearts of the public and to establish them as a flagship species for the conservation needs of marine and coastal habitats throughout the Mediterranean region. 

To ensure these needs are central to national and international policy and to support the creation of future measures for the protection and conservation of sea turtles, their habitats and the marine environment in general. Also to guarantee the enforcement of existing protective legislation.

Why Sea Turtles!

Sea turtles are some of the oldest living species, having roamed the earth for over 100 million years but human interference is threatening their survival. They are considered as indicator species.

This means that their abundance in the marine ecosystem is considered an indicator of its well-being. On the other hand, their demise and degradation is a warning for damage to the ecosystem or to species communities. 

By focusing on and achieving the conservation of these charismatic migratory reptiles that swim thousands of miles across seas and oceans, the status of many other species that share their habitats or are vulnerable to the same threats will also be improved.

Active Years
Presence in Mediterranean Countries
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Programmes and Campaigns

Scientific Research

We base everything we do on solid, scientific enquiry! So we support research projects that work to fill knowledge gaps around such questions as: where sea turtles go? when do they leave their nesting beaches? what the greatest threats to their survival are? what human activities could be adapted to cause less harm, and many more. The implementation of scientific environmental projects help us gather robust data and analyze phenomena. Then we try to reach solutions!

Environmental Education

Environmental education is at the heart of MEDASSET!
Through targeted educational programs, we inform and try to motivate children and adults to change their everyday behaviour, towards sustainability.
Via school visits, coordination of volunteer actions, presence in festivals and other public events, dedicated print and audio-visual material, games and many more, we educate our audience on the marine environment with an extra focus on sea turtles. So Stay tuned!

Policy/ Lobbying

Policy makers at local, national, regional and international level are of vital importance. They ultimately decide what kind of protection measures will be implemented. We approach them directly with robust arguments that will influence their decisions but we also work to shape public opinion. As a partner to the United Nations Environment Programme’s Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) and a permanent member to the Bern Convention (Council of Europe), we practice high level policy (but not only)!

Awareness Raising & Public Engagement

We aim to inspire people all over the Mediterranean to take an interest in sea turtles and the marine environment! They need to know what the issues are and what they can do to help. With information, overload affecting our everyday life we put our strongest efforts into creating compelling messages that are innovative, informative and positive. In this journey, we always needs supporters. Should you be a creative agency, a film production company, a media company or you in a search to sponsor a good cause please reach out to [email protected]

Our Fantastic Team

Our Founder - Lily Venizelos

Our Founder - Lily Venizelos

Our Board

Our Board

Yiannis Marinos

Financial Administration Officer

Nadia Andreanidou

Programmes & Policy Officer

Dimitra Papadoiliopoulou

Office Manager

Amerssa Tsirigoti

Project Officer

George Sampson


Kostas Thomopoulos

Environmental Education & Volunteer Officer

Onteta Netzipi

Communication Officer

Nikos Simantiris

Project Officer

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