Come Out of Your Shell & Volunteer!

Come Out of Your Shell & Volunteer!

Come Out of Your Shell & Volunteer!

Sea Turtles have survived on Earth for more than 100 million Years! Don’t they deserve a little time not to go extinct? 

Should you believe the same join MEDASSET as a Volunteer!

Based on applications, MEDASSET welcomes volunteers from around the world!


While volunteering for MEDASSET you will have the chance to learn about the marine environment and sea turtles, develop new skills and live in an exciting Mediterranean capital (MEDASSET cannot provide accommodation). 

Volunteer tasks are carried out in collaboration with and under the guidance of a staff member and short meetings are held on a regular basis to evaluate progress and share ideas. Whenever possible, volunteers are encouraged to bring a laptop.

Current needs

Priority will be given to volunteers with skills and interests in graphic designing, web development and communication.


MEDASSET also welcomes online volunteers who can support our cause by offering their skills, free time and knowledge through an internet-based teamwork.

Ask for more information: [email protected]

Volunteers are typically involved in office work and events. However, we try to make use of our volunteers’ expertise wherever possible and we are open to any ideas on how you can help us spread our message.

There will always be a fun project or event in which we need your help.

Depending on availability, we can discuss this on an individual basis.

MEDASSET will compensate for travel or other expenses resulting from tasks specifically requested from the volunteer (out of pocket expenses). These expenses must be agreed to in advance.

Volunteers who join us during the summer and who may travel to Zakynthos as part of their programme, have a good chance of seeing a sea turtle. If you are set on seeing a sea turtle in its natural environment, we recommend you use your weekends to visit Zakynthos, Kefallonia, West or South Peloponnese or Crete.

Keep in mind however that sea turtles are wild animals that make rare appearances, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see one after all. Feel happy and proud of your significant contribution to their welfare by having helped with our activities and campaigns in the office.

This can be arranged on an individual basis, depending on the schedule. Volunteers often take long weekends to nearby islands. The staff is always happy to help you choose a destination and advise on necessary arrangements. 

Athens, the capital of Greece, it is a big and lively city with plenty to see and do both within the city as well as in its immediate surroundings. Athens is a safe city and the office is located in the busy city center with loads happening on a daily basis.

I have truly enjoyed my time at MEDASSET. All the staff were really friendly, helpful and a great example of how a team functions well. I have learned a lot from my assigned project, had the privilege to apply my own skills to it, and it has opened my eyes to points I had not considered before regarding the facilities available for sea turtle conservation in the Mediterranean. It has been a great experience and joy to be part of an upcoming initiative that will benefit sea turtle conservation in this area, and this will definitely prove beneficial for my future career. I highly recommend investing your time to volunteer with MEDASSET, learn new skills, meet new friends and assist a very hard working and determined NGO such as this!- Justin, Ireland
Thanks to all the staff at MEDASSET for giving us such a great, fulfilling and eye-opening experience. We will always remember this warm winter in Athens! We wish MEDASSET makes a lasting impact and continue to contribute to make this world a better place. We are so inspired and hope to contribute more to MEDASSET and spread such education and ideas to more university students. We hope we can contribute more by building fundraising groups in our universities in the US and the UK!- Winnie & Jojo, China

In The Field.

Currently MEDASSET doesn’t offer field work. If you are specifically interested in a field work volunteer placement we suggest you check www.seaturtle.org/jobs