MEDASSET (Mediterranean Association for the Protection of the Sea Turtles) was founded in 1988 in England and 1993 in Greece. It is an international environmental NGO and a non-profit association that aims to protect sea turtles and their habitats throughout the Mediterranean, through international and national research programs, information campaigns, education and advocacy on relevant entities. Since its inception, it has been working with the UNEP / MAP Mediterranean Environmental Action Plan (UNEP / MAP) and has been a permanent member / observer of the Bern Convention (Council of Europe) since 1988.

Goals of MEDASSET (Mission)
Raising public interest for sea turtles and promoting it as an emblematic species for the protection of the marine and coastal habitats of the Mediterranean. Research and conservation of sea turtles and their habitats throughout the Mediterranean. Identifying and highlighting environmental issues, especially in the marine ecosystem, public awareness and immediate resolution of these coordinated actions and campaigns. Promote and support new conservation measures to protect the sea turtle and the marine environment in the context of national and international policies in addition to reinforcing the existing measures.

MEDASSET partnerships
The attainment of MEDASSET objectives is pursued through scientific research, environmental education, lobbying, information and public awareness and networking with academics, scientists and other non-governmental organisations.

Harmonisation of MEDASSET with European legislation
Under the new legislative framework required by the European Union, the implementation of the European Regulation 2016/679 as a single binding legal act to secure the personal data of individuals, is a priority for MEDASSET.
Personal Data means all those elements-features that can describe and identify an individual such as name, surname, address, professional or family status, age, place of residence.
The processing of such personal data, such as the collection, preservation, transmission or modification thereof, has to be carried out by any individual or legal entity based on the principles of dignity and respect and with the legal consent of the individual.

What data we collect
At MEDASSET, we are committed to protect the confidentiality of the information you send us during your navigation. Your data collected by MEDASSET is collected solely on the agreement of your consent.
When filling the online contact form on the MEDASSET page, for example when you sign up to receive our newsletter about the association’s actions, when you become a MEDASSET Friend or when you sign up to donate to the gift management system “Serendipities: Rewarding Gifts (http: www.medasset.org/el/serendipities),” you provide us with voluntary information, such as your name and your e-mail address. Also, information is received when you “like” and “follow” or when you link your MEDASSET account to any third-party website. If you e-mail MEDASSET , we can keep the content of your messages, your e-mail address and our replies. You can also provide us with your personal information via phone or by post.

Use of data
Whichever way you choose to communicate with us, you are in total agreement with this policy of MEDASSET managing your personal data with the sole purpose of informing and raising awareness on current voluntary, educational and environmental programs and organised campaigns of the association and further promotion of products and services through a donation in order to reinforce the association’s goals.
With your positive consent, your personal information is kept safe and confidential in the MEDASSET database. The data administrators are committed to managing these data based on the purpose for which they were collected and to take the necessary protection and security measures in accordance with the legal framework imposed by European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

No disclosure to third parties
MEDASSET is committed not to disclose your personal information to third parties. Except as otherwise stated in our Privacy Policy, MEDASSET will not reveal your private information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required to do so by law or by summons. However, if your private data is exposed due to a breach of privacy, MEDASSET will immediately inform people whose personal data has been exposed.
Links to third party websites
When using a link to move from the MEDASSET page to another page, the Privacy Policy does not work. Your navigation on any other page is a matter of the rules and policy of the specific page you are visiting.

Rights of those underlying personal data
The data of all people communicating with MEDASSET are kept in a safe and confidential manner and only with the positive consent of the individuals themselves for as long as they wish to be in our database.

• Right of having access to data
The individual retains the right to access all of his / her data processed by the association. The full specification of its data and its substantial updating for the exact purpose retained, becomes an obligation for MEDASSET.

• Right to correct data
The individual has the right to correct their data if he/she considers that it has been modified.

• Right to delete data
In case that a person does not want to keep his/ her data online, he reserves the right to ask for the deletion of his data. The request for deletion of the data can be made either via phone or by mail or by filling in the contact form on the association’s website appropriately.

• Right to oblivion
In addition, he/ she may also make use of the right to erase their data if they consider that these are no longer necessary in MEDASSET for the purpose of utility originally agreed.

• Right to portability
The individual reserves the right to request the personal data they have provided in a printable form either for use by themselves or for use by another data controller.

• Right to oppose the data processing process.
The individual has the right to request the cessation of such processing.

MEDASSET through its representative and Data Protection Officer will make sure that your special request is immediately processed and guarantees immediate response. The person concerned may contact MEDASSET and ask to be informed about the use and progress of his request.

Accept civil protection
By lawfully using the MEDASSET page and completing the communication form displayed on it, we imply that we have your consent to the collection and use of MEDASSET information in accordance with our “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”.

Changes to the Protection Policy
Any changes to the Privacy Policy will necessarily appear on the MEDASSET page and will be effective as from the moment they are posted on the website.

Define Data Processing Manager
Data Processing Manager of MEDASSET is MEDASSET as a non-profit association based in Athens.
Licavitou 1C
106-72 Athens
Tel: 2103640389
Fax: 2103613572
Any requests for further investigation may be sent by interested parties to the above address.

Define a Personal Data Protection Authority
MEDASSET is responsible for the protection and preservation of personal data:
Dimitra Papadoiliopoulou
Office Manager
Licavitou 1C
106-72 Athens
Tel: 2103640389 (int. 109)
Fax: 2103613572
[email protected]