Caretta2Zakynthos Project

Caretta2 Zakynthos – Reducing the impact of fisheries and marine litter on Caretta caretta sea turtles in the marine area of Zakynthos Island, Greece

Zakynthos Island has always been a reference point for us. Our history is tightly linked to this island, as our conservation activities started from Zakynthos and expanded into the entire Mediterranean region. Through the Caretta2Zakynthos project, we will expand our activities on the island and try to minimize the pressures that sea turtles face with respect to marine plastic pollution and bycatch (incidental catch of sea turtles in fishing gear). The project (November 2023 – December 2025) is implemented in the framework of the Greek Wildlife Alliance, funded by WWF Greece.

The Project at a Glance

We aim to reduce the impact of fisheries (bycatch) and marine plastic pollution on Caretta caretta sea turtles on Zakynthos Island and to raise awareness of these threats and engage targeted stakeholders (such as fishers, tourism managers, university students etc.).

To reduce the impact of bycatch, we will identify interaction hotspots in the entire marine area of Zakynthos and organise training workshops targeted to fishers and relevant stakeholders. The goal will be to train fishers on safe release techniques and the existing legal framework for sea turtle conservation.

To address the issue of marine plastic pollution, (85% of marine litter is plastic), on Zakynthos Island, we will implement underwater surveys to identify hotspot areas of marine plastic pollution and perform seabed clean-ups to rehabilitate the polluted areas. The collected plastic waste will be transformed into new products, through an upcycling process.

Targeted communication activities will also take place to raise awareness of the above threats engage the local community and stakeholders.

The project is implemented in the framework of the “Greek Wildlife Alliance”, funded by WWF Greece.

  • Country Greece
  • Approach AwarenessResearch
  • Theme Sea Turtles & Habitats

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