Travellers Without Boundaries: Protection Measures in Dalaman

To the south of Dalyan lies the Dalaman area, which also includes Sarigerme. Part of the area has been declared as a Specially Protected Area. Loggerhead turtles nest on Dalaman’s 10.4 km long beach which is intersected by two streams that descend from Dalaman’s intricate system of wetlands and lakes. A large part of the beach is bordered by small and large hotel complexes as well as Dalaman’s airport. Research has shown that nesting is shifting to the undisturbed parts of the beach.

Prompted by our short film “Turkey’s Turtles in Trouble”, international travel group TUI AG, which manages some of Dalaman’s large resorts, initiated the project “Travellers without boundaries – sea turtle protection measures in the Dalaman region”. MEDASSET  in collaboration with DEKAMER, the Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation and Futouris, assisted TUI in implementing actions needed to safeguard sea turtles and their nests in Dalaman.

Guides for hoteliers and guests were created and distributed, information signs were placed on the nesting beach and nest cages were provided by TUI. Hotel staff was trained by DEKAMER in order to facilitate nest protection.

Dalyan and Dalaman also host important populations of the rare Nile soft-shelled turtle Trionyx triunguis. Find out more about MEDASSET’s assessments and surveys for this species.

  • Country Turkey
  • Approach Awareness
  • Theme Tourism

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