Ending Sea Turtle Trade in Alexandria

During 1998-2000, prompted by the finding of our 1993 survey, we continued the study of illegal trade of sea turtle blood and meat at the fish markets of Alexandria, raised awareness among fishermen and assisted authorities in the enforcement of the ban of sea turtle trade and consumption.

Our 2014-2015 survey on the status of sea turtle trade in Alexandria, revealed that both hidden and public trade of sea turtle meat and shells has resumed in several fish markets. Our research into the perceptions of the local community showed that though respondents are largely aware that sea turtles are endangered and that it is illegal to harm or eat them, most had consumed sea turtle meat. Interviews with fishermen revealed a 90% death rate of sea turtles that are caught by Alexandria’s fishing fleet. Survey results together with locations and names of sellers were delivered to the authorities to trigger law enforcement and other necessary actions to halt the trade. Our survey report provides detailed recommendations on urgent measures needed to safeguard sea turtles in Egypt against illegal trade. MEDASSET will continue to work with Egyptian authorities, communities and conservationists to end the longstanding illegal trade problem in Alexandria.

  • Country Egypt
  • Approach Research
  • Theme Sea Turtles & Habitats

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