Financial Administration Officer

Yiannis has graduated from Athens University Economics and Business – School of Economics. As a student, he had participated several environmental volunteering programs with WWF Greece and Elix.  His interest in the Environment led him to work for environmental organizations. He has done field work for WWF Greece and lived in rural areas like Zagoria, Pelion, Evros. 

About myself

I am a nature lover! I also love activities in nature like hiking and collecting the “fruits” of nature like mushrooms. The last years I am into running (road and trail), especially if the race is combined with visiting beautiful areas in Greece. 

What about MEDASSET?

Working for MEDASSET and living in Athens is a fresh start for me. Through my work I can leverage my experience and knowledge regarding the environment and its protection. My work involves finance and administrative tasks as well as an active role in the environmental project MEDASSET implements.