Scientific Officer

Vicky is from the UK and has a BSc in Biological Conservation from Anglia Ruskin University and an MSc in Tropical Coastal Management from Newcastle University. Her work in the UK has focused on the management of Marine Protected Areas and sustainable fishery practices. While in Greece she has worked both as a volunteer and field leader for Archelon (Zakynthos and Rescue Centre) before becoming a research assistant for the National Marine Park of Zakynthos.

About myself

At a very young age, my parents brought me a snorkel while on holiday of the south coast of England and since then I have been fascinated with what lies beneath the waves. Over 30 years later, it is still my most favorite thing to do! 

What about MEDASSET?

My role within the MEDASSET team is to provide technical and scientific support to my colleagues managing programmes. The opportunity to work within such a distinguished organisation, which has been instrumental in the protection of Sea Turtles across the Mediterranean, is truly a privilege.