Communication Officer

Efi holds a BSc Honors in Communication & Mass Media from University of Athens, a BSc in Business Administration (Hellenic Open University) and an MSc in Marketing Communication (Athens University Economics & Business) . She comes from the business sector but she always had a keen interest into the environment and its conservation. 

About myself

A book lover, fitness lover, nature enthusiast!

Although my greatest love is my dog. My native language is Greek and i speak English fluently. I have also studied French and German.

What about MEDASSET

MEDASSET is a change for me. I have always worked for big firms with the ultimate goal to make profit, thus working for an organization with a moral cause is important for me. MEDASSET is a historical organization in the field of marine conservation and marine biodiversity.  It is renowned in both Greece and the Mediterranean and i am proud to be part of the team. Hoping to contribute to organization’s success.