Niretta the Caretta

“Niretta the Caretta” creative learning programme for children, aims at raising awareness on vulnerable sea turtle species, their natural habitats, the threats they encounter, as well as the negative impact of uncontrolled human activity on marine environment (focus on marine litter).

Over the last years “Niretta the Caretta” programme has educated thousands of students around Greece in a creative way. We carry out school visits, as well as visits to educational festivals and institutions in order to promote sea turtles’ protection. The programme’s duration is approx. 45 min and consists of:

  • Awareness raising: Through environmental video projection and theatrical play, young students learn more about sea turtles, their habitats and the threats they face, as well as what they can do to protect them.
  • Sea Turtle biology: Niretta the Caretta mascot is always present during our visits and helps us convey knowledge about sea turtle’s complex anatomy.
  • Experiential Learning – Games: Through team games and experiential activities, young students understand the importance of marine environment and sea turtles and what they can do to protect them.
  • Dancing – Singing: Children familiarise themselves with Niretta via dancing and singing.
  • Country Greece
  • Approach Education

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