Policy National Level - MEDASSET

At a national level, MEDASSET has been active in Greece, for more than since its founding in 1988. Our work includes the research study on the protection of important habitats, while actively intervening when necessary and applying pressure on environmental policy issues. We aim to introduce, improve, and effectively enforce environmental legislation and protection measures for sea turtles and their habitats. In fact, with an initiative by MEDASSET, a new institutional framework for the protection of sea turtles in Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean was created. Local successes achieved for this initiative have been marked with the development and signing of the Presidential Decree (PD) (1986) and the establishment of the Zakynthos National Marine Park (1999). At the same time, we promote sustainable development in Greece, by seeking to influence policies on fishing and pollution. Moreover, we systematically work on raising awareness through environmental education programmes and publication of educational kits. Last, MEDASSET provides constant and up to date consulting for national and international stakeholders that either have general influence or are funding application or research programmes for the protection of sea turtles.