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Material for the Classroom!

And if, in the far distant future,

man in turn disappears from the earth,

very likely there will still be found

the turtle, plodding stolidly on

down the corridor of time.

A delightful tale of the adventures of a plastic bag

Using the story as a starting point, children can engage in a discussion of the role plastic bags play in our society.

In 2002, MEDASSET produced “The Mediterranean Sea, a Source of Life,” an original and unique Environmental Education Kit for dissemination to schools and youth groups. The kit is a tool for teachers and educational group leaders, aiming to engage 6-12 year old children from all over the Mediterranean region in creative activities, instilling knowledge, environmental values, and a sense of regional identity and responsibility.

The 50-page kit was published under the framework of MEDASSET’s educational programme to portray the richness of the region’s natural environment, the threats the region is facing, as well as the highly multi-cultural inheritance of the Mediterranean peoples, in an educationally innovative way.

In collaboration with the Hellenic Children’s Museum and Kaleidoscope Publications and financial assistance from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, UNEP/MAP (Greece), RAC/SPA (MAP) (Tunisia), and the Prince of Wales Foundation (UK), two thousand Greek language kits were produced and donated to Greek schools, and one thousand in English, for distribution throughout the Mediterranean and worldwide. The kit was adapted, translated, reproduced into Arabic and disseminated to schools bordering the Mediterranean.

The kit includes: maps, fact sheets, activity sheets for 6-9 and 10-12 year old children, an “Educators Guidelines” booklet with evaluation sheet and bibliography.

Special offer from MEDASSET: free copies are available for pick up from our office, in Athens.

A great educational tool for teachers who would like to address the impacts of climate change on the sea turtle population.

The book is based on findings from the PhD research conducted by Mariana Fuentes . The main character of the book, ‘Myrtle’, is based on a real turtle that was satellite-tagged in 2008 at Mer Island, Torres Strait, near the Great Barrier Reef.

You can download the book in pdf format here.

Why: An innocent car wash can be a cause of pollution of seas and oceans. Through untreated water being discharged to the storm drain system, heavy metals and toxic fluids find their way into the sea. 

How: Prefer taking your car to a car wash that has wash water collection methods so as to prevent discharges to the storm drain system, otherwise they will end up in the sea. Most products available for car wash, contain substances which are harmful to the environment. Read the labels carefully! Choose a product that doesn’t require the use of water which could runoff into our seas and oceans. By washing the car on your lawn, the soil and grass will filter the wastewater and you will be watering the lawn at the same time!

If you are interested, we can send you our instructional usb stick, which has a specially designed menu and suggestions for implementing activities!