Events & Personal Data Protection Officer

Poppy is a graduate of International and European Relations from the University of Pireaus. She has also obtained the ”Diplome de Langue et Litterature Francaises, 2eme degree” from Paris-Sorbonne University and the ”Certificate of Proficiency in English” from Cambridge and Michigan Universities.
In the past, she worked for the Hellenic Ministry of Finance at the Directorate of the European Union, the Directorate of Planning and Management Policy and for the Hellenic Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration. Before joining MEDASSET, she was working as an administrative assistant at the Municipality of Athens.

About myself

I try to live my life to the fullest to gain many experiences and enjoy every moment of it. I get thrilled with creative arts, theatre, music, street art, the art of graffiti. I am passionate about astronomy, chocolate and football of course! Generally speaking, I think life must be a fascinating adventure full of intense moments and emotions.

What about MEDASSET?

Through my cooperation with MEDASSET I feel like contributing to saving the Environment and to raising public awareness on environmental issues. One who tries can either win or lose, but you have already lost if you do not try at all.