Environmental Education & Volunteer Officer

Kostas has studied Geology at the University of Patras, holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Oceanography and has received further training in Environmental Education. 

He has been working as an Environmental Education Teacher in private schools and other educational institutes from 2011 until 2016. He designs and applies educational programmes for children and adults helping them discover the environment in an educational but at the same time pleasant and creative way.

About myself

I was always interested about any activity connected to nature, from a refreshing walk to scientific research. I am glad to participate in actions that communicate environment and science to people.

What about MEDASSET?

For longer than three decades, MEDASSET contributes remarkably to the protection of sea turtles and the Mediterranean environment, by continuously informing, observing and advocating. The environmental education team’s goal is to prevent wrong behaviour by increasing knowledge and ecological awareness.