Programmes & Policy Officer

Konstantina (listens to Nadia – signs Konstantina) holds a BA Honours in Forestry and Natural Environment from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc in Energy Systems and Building Design from International Hellenic University. 

She is a dedicated sustainable development scientist with knowledge of energy, climate and ecology. Her multi-disciplinary background lies in the fields of Energy and Climate Policies, Management of Natural Resources, Monitoring Landscape Change, Green Infrastructure and Local Green Spaces. 

She has won a number of EU and National fellowships and hence has worked in the past as an Environmentalist (Forestry Service of Thessaloniki – Department of Forest Management, University of Turin – Finance and Environment Dep.), as an Energy Policy Analyst (EU Commission Joint Research Center – Ispra, Energy Metropolis LEIPZIG” Network for energy and environmental technology, Leipzig, Germany) and as an International Project Manager (LEITAT Technological Center, Barcelona). She is a native Greek speaker, fluent in English and Spanish and can understand Italian.

About myself

Into our Nature, Co-Creation, Fine Arts and Imagination.

What about MEDASSET

I am a member of MEDASSET’s amazing team since mid-July 2018! Precisely, I am coordinating and implementing research on conservation international and national projects. I am also managing Zakynthos and Kyparissia advocacy campaigns while I am also implementing lobbying activities at Regional, EU and national level.

 MEDASSET is a trigger for me to explore the holistic approach of nature’s conservation through Leonardo Da Vinci’s quote; ‘’Water is the driving force of all nature’’. MEDASSET is also an inspiration to me with respect to marine biodiversity safeguard and human action’s mutual dependence.